Bearman Charity Challenge 2011

Too often, we are led to feel guilty by people wanting us to give to charity. Well, here’s a proponent of charity who will put his money where his mouth is. Bearman at Bearman Cartoons has recently started his “Third Annual Bearman Cartoons Charity Challenge.” It’s an initiative with a twist.

Notice the ad on this page to the right of this blog. By placing this on my site, dear old Bearman will cough up $5 to feed the hungry by way of the Cincinnati FreeStore Foodbank. But placing an ad on a site isn’t the only way to get him to donate. Last year I came across Bearman Comics right as he was doing the Charity Challenge 2010. I followed him on Twitter and he donated some cash because of it. I was new to Twitter and all this social media stuff and it really opened my eyes to the possibilities.

Check out what he’s doing at If you’re like me, you’ll stick around and chuckle at his comics. I really like his stuff because it’s such a refreshing view on editorial cartoons. Some of the ones in the paper and such are a bit stuffy for me. Beartoons kicks pop culture and politics in the groin and makes it funny.

I wish Bearman the best in this effort. Take a few seconds and give him a visit. You’ll be glad you did.

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