Get the book, get the giggles

I’ve decided to start selling my book from my own place instead of through a third party. Why? Because I really want to see how this stuff works. Plus, I think it’ll be fun.

I haven’t always thought this way, mind you. In fact, when I first decided to create a book, I was stricken with fear as to how to send stuff out in the mail. I was worried about how I was going to keep up with orders, how I would label things, what packages I would need, how much to charge for postage, etc. Some of those fears are warranted but most of them are silly. The learning curve is pretty slow with these things, one can stand to take a few chances and learn along the way. That’s what I aim to do.

Why the change? I was listening to Truth2U Radio and Jono Vandor (the host) was interviewing Clint Branham of Awakened Church about a DVD this guy creates and sends out for free. When Jono asked him how he could afford such a thing, Clint basically stated two things that enabled it: 1. He uses his tithe money, and 2. He’s learned ways to save money with the process. Now,  I’m not about to use tithe money to send out Perk at Work books for free to everyone, but I do want to learn how to send stuff out cheaply.

The guys over at have spoken about this subject but, at the time I was listening, I was so far from creating a book that the info just went over my head. I couldn’t imagine being at the level that those guys were at. But I have to tell myself that they weren’t always pros. They too had to learn. I need to start believing that one day I may be at their level. And to do so, I need to do the same thing they did – learn as I go.

Another reason I’m excited about selling the book from my home base is that I am currently working on Book Two. I can’t wait to get it to print and hold it in my hands. It’s my goal to have that book available by mid July.

So if you haven’t already, pick up Perk at Work Vol. 1 – “Open for Business”. It’s the complete first year and change. Folks seem to get a kick out of seeing my drawing style change over the course of the book. They also like the gags so that makes me happy. Click here to check it out!

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