Coming back

“Perk at Work” is coming back!

In fact, I’ve already completed a number of strips and I’m continuing to create new strips. It’s been a couple of years since I’ve visited Perk at Work.. and I, as an artist, have changed. The comic strip itself has changed in feel and I’m excited to present them. The selective few who have seen them have an interesting reaction – a reaction that I hoped they would have. The feel is simultaneously calmer, recieved, and more touched. After such a long pause, and after a trip into my personal wilderness, the art is taking a turn.

In short, the feel is more in line with you, the reader. My aim is to connect on a deeper level while tickling the funny bone. I’m not getting serious, but, rather, more intuitive of others. My goal is to create a feature that will give people humor and insight. YOU will be the judge if I accomplish that or not.

Having said all that, I think you may like what’s coming up with Perk at Work. And, if you get a chuckle here and there from the folks at the Perk at Work cafe, then my job is done.

New comics start March 22, 2013!

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