A new look and a different perspective

For those of you who have come to this site previously, you’ll notice that I changed the look and feel. Most notably, I took “Perk at Work” off of the front page and made it more “Jason”. What follows is the method to my madness.

We are in the dawn of a new era. Products and services are taking a back seat to personal interaction and transparency. There was a time when a guy could sit in his home and crank out product with little regard for interaction with the consumer. And, while I love his work dearly, Bill Watterson is in that category. Watterson survived, no, flourished because Universal did all the PR work. As much as that might be the dream of any artist, those days are all but gone. Artists must adapt to being in the public eye and interacting with fans. At least that’s my opinion. (Check out the link to a rare interview with Watterson a the foot of this blog.)

About ten years ago, I grew paranoid that people were going to see a picture of me online. I (wrongfully) though that I could take measures to avoid that. Then I realized two things:

  1. I cannot stop people from posting what they want to post, and
  2. If I am going to market my stuff, I will eventually have to market myself.

The second item was most compelling. If I am to market myself, it would be beneficial to create the image I want projected across the internet. So I became proactive about it. Come to find out that people, on the whole, don’t really care who I am and what I do. That’s not lamentations, it’s just the truth. Until I do something truly remarkable, there are few worries of strange stuff pooping up on the internet.

Still, we need to guard our reputation. That’s a tall order or an honest order. I reckon I’ll just be myself and see how the public accepts me.

All in all, I aim to be a public speaker. My website is a tool that will help me get there. I’ll still post comics and BURRITO magazines. Yet, the dream of being a globetrotting public speaker stirs inside. And so a new website is born.

Thanks for visiting!


Click here to read an interesting and rare interview with Bill Watterson.



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