My “Perk at Work” Philosophy

I believe we are all connected at the soul. We can speak to each other with our very existence. Our experiences bind us together and become the Language of Living.

I believe two strangers can connect at a spiritual level long before they connect at a physical level, and rightfully so. One soul can communicate with another soul even if the two people have not met.

I believe great art does one thing above all: it communicates. A child’s crudely drawn stick figure and heart  scribbled on loose leaf can communicate “I love you”. If the receiver gets that message, that piece of paper becomes art. And, in 99.9% of these cases, that paper is priceless — cannot and will not be sold. It becomes, at that point, a greater work of art than the Mona Lisa.

With “Perk at Work”, I want to communicate soul to soul. I believe my creations can touch others who have similar experiences. The reader and I will talk in the Language of Living. We may share laughter even though we may not be in the same room, the same country, maybe not even in the same lifetime.

The Language of Living continues as long as humans remain alive. I believe I can tap into that language and convey a positive message.

Thank you for visiting!

Jason Salas

Now here’s what the comic is about. (Can’t forget that part.)

Perk at Work is a comic strip about a cafe worker, Perk, and his interactions with his boss, his cook, and his regular customers.

The cafe is located on the ground floor of a downtown multi-story office building. Mr. Argyle owns the building and the cafe. Workers from the varied businesses in and around the building patronize the cafe when they need to grab a bite to eat, take a coffee break, or simply just want to step away from the desk and hang out.

So when you’re getting a little burnt out and the corners of your mouth need a lift, visit Perk at Work. He’ll get the job done!



Perk works in a cafe located on the ground floor of an office building. He works the dining area while Compa cooks all the food. Perk is always willing to serve and doesn’t mind if a regular wants to bend his ear.




Eugene works on the third floor for a design firm as a Graphics Designer. In his free time, Eugene plays bass in a garage band that has yet to get a paying gig. Eugene prides himself in his aversion to the establishment and it’s rules. He also plans to one day take on “Corporate America” if he can only, in his words, “find enough people to buy into the idea!




Moxy works on the first floor as an Advertising Representative for a publishing company. She’s young, attractive, and single and shamelessly utilizes these assets to increase her sales. And why not? “Work with what you got!” is her motto. Moxy is always working. If she’s out on the town, she’s networking. When she’s not networking, she’s exercising and managing her best asset: her looks.




Cal is a freelance copy writer, specializing in sports pieces. He is active and healthy and always on the prowl for women. Because he has sown his fair share of wild oats, Perk looks to him for advice on romance.





Wren works as a programmer for a software developer on the fifth floor. He is unapologetic about being a nerd. When asked why he doesn’t mind being considered a brainy nerd, Wren replies, “Brainpower is the fuel of the future…that or dilithium crystals.”




Henna is a gofer at a real estate company located on the fourth floor. She’s been working as a gofer for a while now and has no real aspirations of doing anything more. Henna is a bit of a hippie but without the strong convictions. Not only does she want to give peace a chance, she would like to give peace flowers or maybe a nice beaded necklace.




Compa works in the kitchen with Perk. He is something of a short order cook, though not a lot of orders come his way. Compa doesn’t understand why some people try so hard to achieve some strange form of success. To him success is having enough money at the tail end of his paycheck to buy something “cherry” for his car.




Mr. Argyle owns the cafe business as well as the entire office building. What he lacks in formal education he makes up for in experience. Mr. Argyle would like to see average folks pick themselves up by the bootstraps and really live. Unfortunately, the majority of the folks he meets would rather kick off their shoes and kick back.




Sheryl would rather be anywhere but work. Sometimes she feels like she’d rather be on another planet far away from all the things and people that bug her. Sheryl works in an accounting firm doing data entry. Most of her time there is diligently spent finding ways to not do work. According to Sheryl, “Not doing your work can be a full time job!”




About Jason Salas

Jason Salas pulls humor from a myriad of subjects and brews up the mixed blend in his coffeehouse webcomic “Perk at Work.” In addition to comic strips, Jason also writes humorous pieces in the form of columns, poetry, and witticisms. His work has been featured in MAD Magazine. He also publishes BURRITO, a humor magazine that is “Stuffed with stuff” (i.e., a bunch of goofiness). Jason currently lives in Las Cruces, NM.

Here is a picture, in case you’re curious. How dashingly handsome!