Who are the people in your work family?


For many of us, we spend a great deal of time with the people we work with. The other day, I mentioned to a colleague that we may spend eight to ten hours with coworkers and only a few hours at home with the family.

That’s kind of crazy.

Or is it?

Sure, everyone is pretty much in agreement that family is important. And let’s all agree that too much work can cause a strain at home. (Disclosure: right now, my own immediate family is my dog Nugget. But she’s still family!)

But here’s a twist: what if our “family” was not just our family at home, but at work? What if we started seeing our coworkers as sisters and brothers, cousins, uncles, aunts? What if we accepted them as members of a sort of family?

I realize that the bonds of work aren’t as strong as blood bonds. If you’ve ever seen the BBC office, you may remember Tim’s comment about the people at work. Here it is, just for good measure. 👇

Now, continuing the theme of The Office (the American version) as an example, we can find a sense of family with those we work with. Imagine going to work with this work family. 👇

Too may of us don’t like to go to work. I get it. But think back to your school days. For me, school, in and of itself, was a series of classes. But my friends made everything better. They were my school family. Hopefully, you were equally blessed.

Why not see our coworkers as friends and family? Let’s get to know our coworkers. What do they love? What makes them tick? How can we relate to them and have a laugh every so often?

Just a tidbit about my workplace: the office I work in is nothing like The Office. But a few of us love The Office and have a laugh about certain episodes and scenes. It makes work fun. And, in a way, it makes my coworkers my family whom I am super grateful for.