Hell O Kitty

This strip was done for my good friend Ash Soular.

She talks to her cat and requested that I make a comic about a girl who talks to her cat.

Ash fantastic, beautiful, inspirational, smart and a whole bunch of other great things. Plus she can shred guitar like nobody’s business! Check her out: http://www.youtube.com/user/soularashs#p/u


  1. My wife gets upset b/c I ignore the cat and he comes to me for loving. I tell her she is too needy and the cat knows it.

  2. Cats know too much.

  3. Love the expressions on the cats face. Our poodle gets all that cuddly wuddly treatment. Wonder if she feels the same way???

    • For them, it’s the price they pay for living the good life. If you’re cat is anything like my dogs, it is spoiled. We should all live such a good life!


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