Metaphorically Thinking

This comic was created as I was shopping for a scooter. Haven’t got one yet but I’m still in the market.

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8 thoughts on “Metaphorically Thinking

    1. You said it. Last weekend I sat and listened to a guy tell me all about how dangerous it is out there. He said his biggest threat is old folks. Odd.

      1. A saw a scooter in the K-Mart car park once which was black with more chrome than you could imagine. It wasn’t a Harley scooter but if they made one I imagine that’s what it’d look like.
        Nice work on drawing the scooter in the 1st panel Jason.
        I bought a 125cc scooter about 3 years ago & I love it. Done 8000km so far & it’s so cheap to run. I mostly use it for commuting to work & it costs me around $6 in fuel a fortnight.

        1. I’m so tempted to get one. I live in NM though, a state (in the US) notorious for danger on the road – lots of drunk drivers. I used to ride a bike as my primary transportation, lots of close calls.

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