Ye Olde Text

The good thing about this twelve-panel format is that I can mix it up a bit. In this particular piece, I felt it would be better to display in a three-by-four format so that each panel would be bigger. This way the notes on the paper is easily legible.

You can see the difference between a three-by-four format and a four-by-three format by looking at the strip “Garcon Frise” (click to see).

Hope you enjoy!


  1. I just can’t get over how much this STILL makes me laugh!

  2. hehehehehe if only he knew. :D Probably a good thing he doesn’t.

  3. Yeah, sometimes it’s best to not know what the boss is up to. If he/she wants us to know, we’ll know.

  4. Ha Ha Ha!!! Hilarious
    7 x ? = 49
    I had to use a calculator. Seriously, I just couldn’t think what it was. Brain is getting too old

    • I’ve had to resort to calculators for simple math too. It’s the robots trying to ruin us!


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