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The genius of being an artist

What is an artist? What is a genius?

Below is a video with excerpts from a speech given by Seth Godin. If you are unfamiliar with him, it’s time to get to know his work. He’s a marketer and motivator.

As artists, we can feel like we don’t belong in a world of cogs. But here’s the thing, even people who don’t consider themselves artists can feel that way too. It’s important to realize that we can be artists and geniuses and still be a viable and valuable part of this world.

Your mission, if you choose to accept it: watch the video below and ask yourself, “Do I have what it takes to become a true artist and genius? Am I willing to be seen as ‘weird’ by friends and family (and strangers) in order to express myself in a way that benefits others?”

Here’s what I think: yes, I’m willing to be seen as ‘weird’. But let’s define what ‘weird’ may be.

  • Weird is waking up insanely early in the morning to work on your art AND staying up late at night, if needs be, to work on your art (no, just staying up late to poke around with your art isn’t enough)
  • Weird is experimenting with your art by creating new things even if it costs you money out of your own pocket
  • Weird is getting in front of people and showing them what you’ve created with full conviction that it is AWESOME!
  • Weird is talking to strangers, just because you may be able to give them a bit of your amazing artistic vision
  • Weird is working your job AND dedicating yourself to your art, even if it means you have to sacrifice something (or a lot of things)

Ultimately, these are not really weird. Shouldn’t we all be so dedicated to whatever it is we want out of life.

So go and be weird!

Do you agree? Disagree? Share your comments below.

Work, by itself, is just a means of making money. The beauty of working is it allows us to interact with people — to meet and connect with a variety of folks. I have met some of my best friends through work. The workplace was an environment where we could learn about each other and build bonds.

Perk at Work is about our experiences as humans. Sure, at it’s core, it is about a lowly cafe worker who chats it up with his regular customers. But they are sharing moments of their lives together, learning and sharing bits of information and, hopefully, learning to care about each other. Is there any greater purpose in this life than to love and be loved? Well, maybe to get the perfect cup of coffee but we can do that while we talk.

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Perk at Work Short Stories

Newest story!

While walking to class on campus, Henna notices a $20 bill with the words “I will pay for your college” on it. She reaches for it and it eludes her. She chases it only to find out that she has been baited by an mysterious organization that offers to give her a chance to win a full ride scholarship. The only thing is, they won’t tell her what she has to do to get it. Does Henna accept the challenge? Click here to read.

#1: “Introductions Are In Order”

It’s Perk’s first day on the job, only he’s the only one unaware of this fact. In this short story, you are introduced to Perk and the whole group. Find out how he got the job and what it was like for him to meet everyone for the first time.

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#3: “This Beautiful Life”

It seems to Moxy that guys are interested in her only for her looks. To test this theory, she decides to dress down to the point of homliness to see how guys will react. In the process of her experiment, she meets a stranger who sheds a strange and refreshing light on her perspective.

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#2: “Party of Two”

Henna’s cute friend Nell invites Perk to her birthday party — a costume based shindig. Unbeknownst to Perk, Nell’s cat was fatally injured earlier that morning and the party is off. Perk arrives ready for a good time only to find out what happened. Undeterred, Perk suggests a smaller event, one made for two.

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#4: “Psycho Chick”

Cal’s loverboy ways landed him involuntarily tied to a bed and at the mercy of a jaded woman. But who is she? What did he do to her? And more importantly, what is she going to do to him?

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