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Silly Sunday: Lines on Facing Forty

I don’t have a joke for the Silly Sunday, but I found an Ogden Nash poem. Always good. Lines on Facing Forty By Ogden Nash I have a bone to pick with fate, Come here and tell me girly, Do you think my mind is maturing late, Or simply rotting...

New book is on it’s way to your next coffee break

I’m putting the final touches on my the next Perk at Work book. This one is unique in that, instead of a collection of comics, it is a collection of the first four short stories: Introductions Are In Order Party of Two This Beautiful Life Psycho Chick Now, some...

Bearman is bringing greenbacks back

Fellow webcomic creator Bearman is giving away his money and I’m helping him do it. You can too! Here’s what he’s up to: I’m featuring Bearman in this Sunday’s comic. If you’re reading this blog post anytime after the posting of the...

Where does your love shine?

Ron Sexsmith’s album “Long Player Late Bloomer” has been on heavy rotation in my car. I’ve fallen in love with his song “Love Shines.” Sexsmith is renowned for his songwriting skills; a songwriter’s songwriter. With Love...

Get ready for the Psycho Chick

The latest Perk at Work short story is just about set to pop. In a few short days (April 21, 2015 to be exact) “Psycho Chick will be released. What’s it about? Well, let’s just say Cal has charmed the wrong woman and he might end up paying dearly...

Virtual Cafe | 1 | “Pubbies”

Here’s a video I made for my YouTube channel. I could go into what it’s about or simply let you watch the video. I choose the latter. The production is simple enough; did it all on my Mac Air. Silly thing is, I was stressing about whether I should get a...

“This Beautiful Life” is now available!

I’m excited to announce that the latest Perk at Work Short Story “This Beautiful Life” is now available for your reading pleasure. This story gives some deeper understanding into the mind and soul of Moxy. In this story, Moxy gets upset with always...

Work, by itself, is just a means of making money. The beauty of working is it allows us to interact with people — to meet and connect with a variety of folks. I have met some of my best friends through work. The workplace was an environment where we could learn about each other and build bonds.

Perk at Work is about our experiences as humans. Sure, at it’s core, it is about a lowly cafe worker who chats it up with his regular customers. But they are sharing moments of their lives together, learning and sharing bits of information and, hopefully, learning to care about each other. Is there any greater purpose in this life than to love and be loved? Well, maybe to get the perfect cup of coffee but we can do that while we talk.

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Perk at Work Short Stories

#1: “Introductions Are In Order”

It’s Perk’s first day on the job, only he’s the only one unaware of this fact. In this short story, you are introduced to Perk and the whole group. Find out how he got the job and what it was like for him to meet everyone for the first time.

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#2: “Party of Two”

Henna’s cute friend Nell invites Perk to her birthday party — a costume based shindig. Unbeknownst to Perk, Nell’s cat was fatally injured earlier that morning and the party is off. Perk arrives ready for a good time only to find out what happened. Undeterred, Perk suggests a smaller event, one made for two.

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#3: “This Beautiful Life”

It seems to Moxy that guys are interested in her only for her looks. To test this theory, she decides to dress down to the point of homliness to see how guys will react. In the process of her experiment, she meets a stranger who sheds a strange and refreshing light on her perspective.

Click here to buy a printed copy.

#4: “Psycho Chick”

Cal’s loverboy ways landed him involuntarily tied to a bed and at the mercy of a jaded woman. But who is she? What did he do to her? And more importantly, what is she going to do to him?

Click here to buy a printed copy.

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