Book 1: “Open for Business” – the first collection of Perk at Work comics. Lots of comics, lots of laughs. Makes a great gift for that person you love… yourself! Indulge, will ya?


Perk at Work Volume 1: Open for Business

The first collection of Perk at Work strips

  • one hundred pages
  • black and white

$11.99 plus shipping (U.S. customers only)


Book 2: “Another Day, Another Dollar” – Perk gets pulled away from the coffee bar and the crew explores a wide variety of topics with a dynamic artistic approach. This book has some bonus features: longer format “Sunday” type comics as well as a Q & A with each character, giving a deeper understanding of where they are coming from. I bet you’ll find a bit of someone you know in each character. Or, even better, you may find yourself in their characteristics.


Perk at Work Volume 2: Another Day, Another Dollar 

The second collection of Perk at Work strips

  • one hundred pages
  • black and white

$11.99 plus shipping (U.S. customers only)


Mini-Novel #1 “Introductions Are In Order” (Ebook; digital download) - Today is Perk’s first day on the job. Well, it’s supposed to be somebody’s first day on the job. Perk just happened to be in the right place at the right time.

The good news is the job is Perk’s for the taking. The bad news is it is he will have to learn everything all on his own. It’s sink or swim time for Perk. Take a glimpse of Perk’s first day at the cafe and his very first interactions with the gang.

Get yourself a cup of coffee and relax. This is going to be fun!

Perk at Work: Introductions Are In Order

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