Some of you are already on the BuJo bandwagon. Others, may be wondering what exactly it is. I’ll explain it for the second group.

BuJo is short for Bullet Journal. Basically, a Bullet Journal is a custom planner made by you to suit your needs using any notebook. It was created by¬†Ryder Carroll. Here’s his video about how to create your own Bullet Journal.

It’s good to note that this is his method. It’s the foundation. But here’s the thing: people are taking the bones of his idea and creating some really cool stuff. Just search “bujo” in YouTube.

Let me get to why I love BuJo.

I’m a planner. I wasn’t always a planner. That got me into trouble, which is why I am now a planner. However, I could never find the perfect planner for my needs. Some had the right set up but the wrong spacing. Others had the right spacing but the wrong set up. Some were too bulky. Others… well, you get the idea. I felt like Goldilocks.

With BuJo, I can experiment with systems. I’m currently trying two types of calendars: a grid (like any regular calendar), and a linear system. I can also try different types of day systems. I can try a spread or, as I’m doing right now, a page a day. And here’s what I love most: if something works, I keep it. If it doesn’t, I scrap it and move forward.

In essence, the planner gets more customized each and every month!

Now, what do I personally use as my foundational notebook? I’ve found that the Arc system by Staples is the best thing ever.


It allows you to insert pages and remove pages without having that bulky 3-ring binder feel. You can buy different types of pages, dividers, stickies… all sorts of stuff.

And I’ve taken it to next though. I bought the punch so that I can make my own pages.

Nerdy? Yes. Efficient and effective? Absolutely!

If you’re a planner like me and you have yet to find the perfect planner, give the Bullet Journal a shot. Oh, and check out #bujo on Instagram for some inspiration.

And, just for the record, the pic up top of “Self-Control + Discipline” is something I drew onto my “Inspiration” page.